E3MOM (5 Sets)
Hang Squat Clean (Anywhere Above the Knee)
Hang Squat Clean (Just Below the Knee)
Squat Clean (full from floor)

(Range from 75% – 85%, start your first set at 75% of your 1RM and try to increase weight each set) (Focus on keeping torso Upright, locked in strong, and OVER the bar.  Meaning your shoulder should be slightly in front of the bar, weight on the balls of your feet like you were getting ready to jump forward)


For Time:
Power Clean 225/135#
Bar Muscle Ups

Scale Bar Muscle Ups to 24-18-12-6 CTB Pull Up or 12-9-6-3 CTB Pullups + Ring Dips)

These are meant to be fast heavy singles for the workout, so scale accordingly.  Do not let your feet fly out wide as happens in a heavy single power clean)

Cash Out: 800m Run for time