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Why Choose Beach Fitness?

What I Learned as a Student Trainer at Beach Fitness By: Eric Palma I used to believe that I knew all the major techniques of fitness and that school had exposed me to just about everything I should know to successfully help clients improve their well-being. I also thought I knew how to work with […]

5 Reasons You Should Do More Yoga

And it’s not to be more flexible. By: Ashley Newell   It is no secret that yoga can increase flexibility or that it may often involve meditation. But yoga isn’t all about bendy bodies or love & light. It is not about who can contort their body the best. And it is not about the […]

The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is a High Fat, Moderate Protein Low Carb Diet that can help Increase energy, improve protein synthesis, boost weight loss, suppress hunger, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and boost overall mood and sense of well-being.