Don’t just add miles.

Closely watch this short video, then read on:

I saw this commercial during a football game this weekend, and I found myself throwing my arms in the air, looking around confused saying, “Did anyone else see what happened here?” Needless to say, everyone thought I was crazy. Let me break down what’s going on here. For simplicity, I’ll name the guy in the video Jerry. So, Jerry is running through the city at 5:00am, tracking his miles on his new tracker, feeling good about his New Year’s resolution. He sees a mannequin in the window sporting the same workout apparel he himself is wearing. What happens next is what happens to most. Jerry observes the body type of the mannequin and how it fits into the clothes; He sees the mannequin’s abs through the shirt, and an arrogant grin. This motivates Jerry to tack on another mile in his tracker and run some more. Great! More motivation! However, Jerry missed the better solution to his problem. Between himself and the mannequin lies a barbell. The most common fitness goal is to lose weight. Being more specific, people use terms like, toned, buff, lean, fit, tighter, stronger, etc. Diet talk aside, you will not make these changes to your body by just tacking on more miles. Weight training is where you get the most bang for your buck. Period. Jerry, the answer is right in front of you; Run to the gym.

-Marc Sy-Santos

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