At Beach Fitness, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a fitness family – a family supported by a team of enthusiastic staff and clients, each dedicated to guiding and supporting you – and we want you to be part of the family. At Beach Fitness, things are different – smiles are bigger, cheers are louder and expectations are higher. You’ll be able to do a little more, move a little faster and stick with it a little longer at Beach Fitness.


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. The program is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensities. Our All-Levels classes utilize the methodology of CrossFit. We run, jump, lift, pull, push and squat. The workouts are constantly varied each day. The classes are high energy, positive and motivating. We have a mix of beginner, intermediate and elite athletes. The coaches assist with form, technique and scaling to ensure each athlete maximizes the class. We scale load and intensity based on the individual.

The general structure of the class is as follows: 1. Dynamic Warm-Up (10 Min) 2. Instruction (5-10 min) 3. Strength/Skill Work (20 min) 4. Instruction (5-10 min) 5. Metcon (metabolic conditioning) (5-25 min) 6. Cool-down (5-10 min).


Rapid Exercise Performance incorporates high-intensity interval training in a class that focuses on aspects of fitness such as muscular strength, endurance, and core reinforcement. The class includes, but is not limited to, functional movements using body weight exercises and compound movements with light to moderate weight to improve agility, endurance, strength, and core. Coached by our highly qualified and motivated coaches in a fun community based group fitness environment.