Joint Pumping Technique

In order for the body to heal properly either from acute or chronic dysfunction, the body must manage the inflammatory process correctly and have proper efficient flow of water and other important fluid throughout the body.

Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping techniques organize the acute inflammatory process to make its healing process more effective. It moves stagnated fluid in a chronically painful or tight joint to make it mobile and function more efficiently.

Fluid, especially water, is a major element of the fasciae. The proper flow of fluid: within the fibers and ground substance, within an articulation, from one fascia to another and during acute and chronic inflammatory processes is requisite for proper physiological and biomechanical function of a specific fasciae, articulation and kinetic chain.

Joint pumping improves this fluid flow and improves function with respect to maintaining or improving the health of a specific joint, fasciae, or kinetic chain.

Therapist who learn Joint Pumping techniques begin to acquire the skills in order to increase the quality of the many fasciae in close proximity to the osteo-articular joints. They will also learn to manipulate the inflammatory process in the acute or chronic patient.