Rapid Exercise Performance Cross Training | Metabolic Circuit Training:  Strength Training with Cardio Intervals

Rapid Exercise Performance incorporates high intensity interval training in a class that focuses on aspects of fitness such as muscular strength, endurance and core reinforcement. The class includes, but is not limited to, functional movements using body weight exercises and compound movements with light to moderate weight to improve agility, endurance, strength, and core. Coached by our highly qualified and motivated coaches in a fun community based group fitness environment.

REP-X is a general fitness class focusing on fun community style circuits to encourage fitness in all modalities including,

  • Cardio – jogging/running, cycling, rowing, kickboxing, aerobics/jumping movements, jumping rope, and more
  • Strength training – free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands/tubing, suspension straps, calisthenics/body + weight plate-loaded bars (CrossFit)
  • Flexibility – Range of motion (ROM) techniques for joint spacing, Myofacial Stretches, ELDOA’s, freestyle + assisted stretches, yoga and Pilates

These classes are programmed by our expert training staff to create fun, dynamic fitness sessions for all levels. Everyone is welcome regardless of your level of fitness experience we can scale any of the movements and rep-schemes to fit individual needs.