S.M.A.R.T Goals

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One of my favorite things to go over with our members is Goal Setting. It’s a time where we get to really dig into what will keep you motivated today and in 6 months. If you truly break it down, that goal will keep you moving forward and then consistent once you have reached it. I advise people to think about goals in 3 parts: What physical changes do you want to see, how do you mentally want to feel (clarity, in charge of your life, etc.) and how do you want to feel (energized, move better, comfortable in your skin, etc.)

Most of the time it starts with two simple, but overused questions…..

“Why?” and “What?”

“Why do you want to get healthy?

“Why do you want to make a change?”

“Why is this important to you?”

“What will this do for your life if you succeed?”

“What will your life look like in a year if you don’t make these changes?

The easiest way to answer those questions while really nailing down your ultimate goal(s) is to follow the S.M.A.R.T goal outline.

To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to conform to the following criteria:

Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve? The more specific your description, the bigger the chance you’ll get exactly that

Measurable: How can you measure that you have made it to your goal? (Ex. Instead of saying I want to lose weight, make it a specific amount. Instead of saying you want to wear smaller jeans, figure out what is the goal size.)

Attainable: Is this something you can actually obtain? (Ex. Saying you want to look like you did 20 years ago just isn’t possible. So instead focus on the feeling you had that made you feel so good and what would that look like now.)

Relevant: Is this goal actually something you want to achieve? Will this goal really help you get there?

Timely: There has to be a timetable for your goals so it doesn’t drag on and excuses don’t get in your way. Those timelines also have to be realistic based off of your life.

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