The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is a High Fat, Moderate Protein Low Carb Diet. This nutritional program has so many benefits including:

  • Increased energy
  • Effective protein synthesis
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Hunger suppression
  • Improved sleep
  • Sense of wellbeing/ Improved mood
  • Reduced inflammation


The Keto diet can feel somewhat strict so after being introduced to this Keto OS product about a month ago from my good friend Madison Sullivan, I was thrilled to see even more changes and benefits!! I love sharing the lifestyle and helping people find simple and easy tools to support their healthy lifestyles.

A strong nutritional program is the best way to get into nutritional ketosis, fasting and intermitting fasting also helps support the lifestyle. However here are some situations when exogenous ketones can be very helpful:

  • To overcome Keto Flu – When you first start a ketogenic diet, your body might not be good at breaking down fats yet because you aren’t yet fat adapted, so it is possible that you could develop some flu like symptoms (“Keto Flu”). Exogenous ketones can help you overcome the symptoms of  Keto Flu by boosting your ketone levels immediately and giving your body more energy to use. Allowing yourself to adjust better to the keto diet and start burning and losing fat.
  • To boost your energy – Endurance athletes sometimes use ketone supplements for those periods of high energy demand. Many athletes use glucose (sugar) gels, but exogenous ketones can give you longer lasting energy without the crash.
  • To increase mental clarity – When you need to have absolute focus, sometimes you need a little boost. Ketones cross the blood-brain barrier easily and so are readily available for your neural cells to metabolize, even if you’re not already in ketosis through your diet.
  • Therapeutic reasons – If you’re using a keto diet as part of any therapeutic treatment (inflammation, migraines, arthritis, autoimmune etc.) supplementing with exogenous ketones will increase your blood ketone levels greatly giving you improved results.
  • Reduce hunger – Many people do report being much less hungry when supplementing with exogenous ketones. This can vary from person-to-person, but I have experienced this and have benefitted greatly from it.
  • “Insurance policy” –  on a cheat day or after too many carbs or alcoholic beverages you can raise your ketone levels and “maintain” ketosis using these exogenous ketones


Exogenous ketone bodies are just ketone bodies that are ingested through a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies produced in the liver from the breakdown of fat are more properly referred to as endogenous ketone bodies.

Exogenous ketone body supplements provide users with an instant supply of ketones. Even if you’re not in a state of ketosis before ingestion (such as when eating a higher-carb diet).


  1. IN THE MORNING  – especially if you intermittent fast to help extend your fast and keep you satiated.
  2. IN BETWEEN MEALS –  to put your body into an effortless fat-burning mode.
  3. ON AN EMPTY STOMACH for peak mental performance and sharper focus. (PK Pro Tip: Mix it in your morning coffee or tea.)
  4. AFTER EATING A MEAL -especially a higher carb meal that kicks you out of ketosis to boost yourself back into ketosis.
  5. BEFORE/DURING EXERCISE –  as an energy drink.
  6. BEFORE BED – to improve your sleep and to wake up fresher

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