Train Your Crazy with Meditation

By: Antoinette De la Espriella

If you asked me to meditate a year ago I would tell you,  I can’t! My brain doesn’t stop moving, and I can not do stillness for more than about 5 seconds.  Looking back, what a silly thing to say!

Meditation is a practice that requires consistency & dedication.  You don’t reap the benefits on day one, and maybe not even on week one.  The benefits are created through the process, and are noticed in moments of chaos.  Like when you are running late driving to work, and someone cuts you off. This moment would make anyone crazy, and want to lash out and lose control of your emotions.  Now you’re thinking, “What a jerk! Who does this? Really dude? Common!” But, with a meditation practice that response now becomes, “That was rude, but it’s all good. I am safe, didn’t get into a wreck, and have more to be grateful for than worry about him.”

This simple example of a mind shift can help propel your daily energy in the most positive way.  Imagine being composed all of the time, wouldn’t that be amazing? You would have control over your emotions and the way you respond to situations.  I understand this sounds corny or impossible to some of you, but I am here to tell you that it’s not. It is possible to have more mental clarity, and it will translate into every single area of your life.

Too often we are caught up on the future and planning that we forget to live in the now.  Right now. This is the only moment that we have full control of. We can’t change the past and we all know the future can be planned, but it can change just as quickly.

I am sitting on my patio table, enjoying the morning breeze, appreciating the garden I’ve made, and embracing this moment.  Deep down, I want to go play beach volleyball and this quarantine is starting to seem like years not months. But, if I allow my mind to dwell on the hardships and inconveniences then my entire day is ruined obsessing over that thought.

Meditating daily gives me that brain power to keep my mind focused on things that I want.  I want to be productive, positive, enthusiastic, loving, and spread joy. I can’t do that with a negative or fearful mindset.  This is just one other example of how meditation can give you power.

I challenge all of you to download the app Calm or Headspace and try out a guided meditation.  Even just 1-3x per week to start. Find a calming quiet place in your house or maybe walk to a park for some solitude.  It will give you something to do with all the time we have now, and I promise you won’t regret it. Embrace the craziness in your mind, and see that you have the power to control it.

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