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Elevate your overall athletic performance during this high intensity interval training class that includes both cardio and strength training. Experience a full body circuit that uses kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight movements to increase your speed, endurance, and maximize your caloric burn.


ELDOA traditionally is a practice that focuses on spinal health, alignment, and function by using active tension in a stretch. It focuses on all joints of the body by using fascial lines to open space in the joints and space between the vertebrae. This class will improve your overall strength and mobility, both physically & mentally, to help you perform at your best. By combining these elements you are becoming stronger, leaner and more flexible, while you improve your body awareness.


The name “Fumanet" originated from the Japanese word that translates to “Don’t step on the net”. The concept of this exercise is to facilitate individuals to walk independently with controlled movements from one end of the net to the other. Physically, this exercise focuses on weight distribution and single leg stability seen through various phases of walking. Fumanet can help prevent dementia, improve your sense of balance and promotes executive brain function. 


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beach workouts

Bootcamp style workouts involving ropes, tires, fire hoses and more! Get your butt kicked out on the beach!


Experience a one of kind workout designed to elevate your fitness abilities and change the shape of your body. Using heavier loads combined with key foundational movement patterns, you'll build flexibility, mobility, and muscle mass. You will be able to feel yourself getting strong every week!

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Get a Jumpstart on your fitness with Private Training + Group Fitness Classes. No contracts, no commitments.
five 30 min sessions
five fitness classes
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Ready to dive right in? Our Private Training 10+1 package is a perfect way to hit the ground running! No contracts, no commitments.
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Great for teams who want to try out Inform for the first time.
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