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4 simple tips for improving your gut health

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Many utilize massage to relax muscles, reduce anxiety/stress and ease the strain caused by repetitive movements. We offer a variety of massage therapies:
*Swedish massage is a therapeutic technique that targets the superficial layers of muscles with long strokes and gentle kneading It can enhance circulation, improve cardiovascular health, and promote relaxation.
*Deep tissue massage begins with a quick warm up of the superficial layers of muscles. It then focuses on the deeper layers of muscles to treat sore/stiff muscles. It can help manage low back pain, decrease symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome and TMD (to name a few).
*Sports Massage targets deeper layers of muscles to treat and prevent soft tissue injuries, aide in improved range of motion and enhance athletic performance through faster recovery.

Beach Fitness - Wellness and Recovery - Nutrition


Find health through food as medicine! This approach is designed specifically to each individual. Personalized nutrition coaching considers lifestyle factors such as diet, activity level, environment, mindset, and current health levels to develop custom recommendations that work best for your body. This holistic approach focuses on root cause, not symptoms, with the ultimate goal of restoring balance and energy to the body.  

Beach Fitness - Wellness and Recovery - Nutrition
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accountability coaching

As your accountability coach, we will provide support and guidance throughout your hard times and keep you liable for the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. Don't know what your goals are? Our coaching will give you greater clarity, focus and direction by helping you set measurable goals. Spend more time doing what you love and get the results you are looking for with an accountability coach to keep you on track.

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