Carrie Sowers

Carrie Sowers

Head Coach/Exercise Specialist

Coach Carrie has been an athlete since she was 5. She played competitive softball through every grade and played volleyball and basketball. She has continued her love of competitive sports her whole life. She fell in love with Olympic Lifting 10 years ago when she needed to be challenged with her strength and conditioning. She has been coaching CrossFit and strength classes for 7 years. Carrie loves the competitiveness of strength training and the energy it brings to class. She loves sprints and anything to do with squatting. She plays on multi adult competitive sports leagues. In her free time, she loves being active outside. She loves the beach. She loves playing volleyball and football. She also loves surfing, swimming and beach workouts. And she enjoys hiking and trail running.

Top Skills/Strengths:

  1. Strength training
  2. Functional movement
  3. Conditioning
  4. Olympic lifting
  5. Body aesthetics

Carrie Sowers


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